CV Anne Dyhr
2002-2005 in multimedier, Aarhus University, DK.
1995-1998 Bachelor [with honor] in Fine Art Photography, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.  
Selected Projects 2019/17
2019 SKABNING / CREATURE, artist book. Release at Bladr Copenhagen and Kunsthal Aarhus. Artist collaboration between Laila Svendsgaard, Åse Eg Jørgensen, Tanja Nellemann Kruse, Yong Sun Gullach, Anne Dyhr. 12 days workprocess in April at The Danish Art Workshops residency Copenhagen.
2019 Opening at the kitchen window galleri Home again / Hjemme igen. A new ongoing project. Focus; madness, coffee, domestic rituals ( First exhibition Putting in place / Sætte på plads, HEMSLEY/DYHR.  Art Weekend Aarhus.
2019 Putting in place / Sætte på plads by HEMSLEY/DYHR. Art Weekend Aarhus
2019 corpus delicti exhibition with the artists Luna Scales and Anne Dyhr curated by |meter|. A norm critical exhibition pushing our ideas of what the criteria for normality is. At art space OK Corral and LOKALE Cobenhagen. (
2019 GULNE/The Art of Yellowing, alchemistic sensitivstudy of yellowing, collaboration with Dorte Odde (Jungian Analyst/writer), WIRE Aarhus.
2018 KE prize 2018, Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, censored exhibition, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning Copenhagen.
2018 MIDSOMMER / MIDSUMMER, large scale installation mixed media / cyanotype, collaboration with Barbara Katzin, Godsbanen Aarhus, DK.
2018 CURTAIN 2, installation and artist book, Forlaget FØL, WIRE/Godsbanen DK.
2018 SOUVENIR, Magazine FØL, first publication. Collaboration with Amalie Vilslev Juelsgaard, Fie Tanderup, Bodil Sohn, Barbara Katzin, Astrid Gjesing.
2018 Wild Plants; Aarhus Psychiatric Hospital, installation (mixed media) and book project. Curated groupe show Overgang, Museum Overtaci, DK.  
2018 CURTAIN 1, a ritual study. solo show, Installation/mix-media, artist run WIRE at Godsbanen, Aarhus, DK.
2017 Catching Light. Installation, One Weekend groupe show, artist run WIRE at Godsbanen, Aarhus, DK.
2017 Steder & Tilstande. Photography, VIA University Collage, Aarhus, DK.
2017 Art Writing Summer Camp, Gotta Serve Somebody. Workshop and groupe exhibition.
KH7 Art Space, Aarhus DK.
2017 Therapy, Ovartaci Fields, part of European Capital of Cultur Aarhus, DK.
Grants / Funding / Residency 2019/18
2019 Nationalbankens Jubilæums fond. Artwork production grant. 
2019 Kulturudviklingspuljen Aarhus Artwork production grant.
2019 Danish Arts Foundation. Artwork production grant.
2019 The Danish Art Workshops residency in the printmaking workshop April, The Danish Art Workshops (DAW) is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture.
2018 KE prize 2018, Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling.
2018 Danish Arts Foundation / visual arts, working grant, 50.000 kr.
2018 Kulturudviklingspuljen Aarhus. Artwork production grant.
2018Artist residency, Tækker Air Berlin, July.
Associations / Artist collaborations
2019 The window kitchen galleri Hjemme igen / Home again.
An artist run and personal exhibition space, focusing on contemporary art that investigates rituals, routines, objects and the madness associated with the notion of home. Hjemme igen is situated in a windowsill, in my own ground floor apartment in a regular residential area in Aarhus. The gallery comprises a rectangular windowpane in a ’Dannebrog window’, with the designated ‘white cube’ behind it and a little flag holder on the window outside. The window is so low that you can look directly into Hjemme igen from the street. As well as being able to look at art, you can also have a peek into a private home through the other windowpane. 
Where does the art start and where does it end? What is reality? What is domestic?
2019 Artist collaboration HEMSLEY/DYHR. XXXXX
2018 THE ART OF YELLOWING a cross disciplinary collaboration with Dorte Odde (Jungian Analyst). James Hillman’s alchemical text: The Yellowing of the Work is a central inspiration particularly the notion of yellow being a specific transitional quality in a temporal process and the idea that putrefaction is itself an awareness.
2018 Founder of Forlaget FØL, artist run publishinghouse. Forlaget FØL has a focus on; The abstract thinking through photography within the frame of the feminin/female lens. In collaboration with Fie Tanderup. 
Artist Statement
My practice mainly unfolds within the field of fine art photography, mixed media installation and artist books. My projects investigate psychological, philosophical and poetic questions within the realm of human existence and the landscape around us.
Ingredients like; performance, collaboration, alchemy, anger, unstructured behavior, science and humor is often at play.